Viv and Nadia depart for North East European Arctic Russia fieldwork

Viv Jones and Nadia Solovieva have checked in at LHR on their first leg of the fieldwork stage of the NERC Arctic Lakes project.  They departed from LHR to Helsinki with so much gear!  Lake coring will be completed on lakes near Vorkuta in North East Russia for the NERC lakes and the Arctic Carbon Cycle project.  How do lakes process carbon in the Holocene? Follow Viv and Nadia at #nerclac

Freight for Greenland fieldwork collected from University of Nottingham

coffin-box-greenlandmany-boxesThe boxes with coring equipment, supplies and sample bags have been collected today from the Swinnerton Laboratory, at the School of Geography, University of Nottingham by a freight handler.  The boxes will transfer by road, sea, air (possibly as many as 4 flights) to their final destination in West Greenland at Sisimiut and the Arctic Station on Disko Island.  The Greenland aspects of the fieldwork will commence on the 14th April!