Our team in Sisimiut

We have a team of helpers in Sisimiut who have been guiding us to our study lakes, as sometimes the snow can be a bit tricky to handle, especially when it is deep or icy or the hills are steep. Thanks so much to Sune, Avatannguaq, Akkalu and Christian who have seen us through some tricky times and helped out with the ice drilling and sediment coring.

Here is Christian trying to get the snowmobiles out of a tricky slope.


Christinan and Sune are tying the gear onto the trailer- we soon discovered that Greenlanders are much better at tying gear onto trailers than Brits (John & James are watching & learning).


This is Avatannguaq with his ‘boy racer’ snowmobile- it is fast and light so he was racing around checking whether any of the team were stuck during the journey.


Sune, helping John and Suzanne to wrap the sediment cores.


And the snowmobile stunts kept us entertained when we were extruding our short cores- believe it or not, Sune & Avatannguaq did a wheelie up that mountain.


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